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5 new Ideas for Easter 2019

Celebrating Easter Next week in the UAE?

We always make things easier & more delicious for you and your family. We have prepared creative Easter cakes, cupcakes treats & more! And if you can’t come and pick them up, Just place your order on our website, and we’ll get it delivered to you!

Easter Bunny Cake

What is the first thing that comes on your mind when you say Easter? Yes, Bunnies!

Buy this cake from HERE

Easter Egg Brown Cake

This magnificent looking Brown Egg Cake is made with endless chocolate layers that are shaped in the form of an egg. Chocolate infusion at it’s best!

You can buy it from HERE

Easter Chip Cupcakes

There is no celebration without cupcakes! Those Easter Chip Cupcakes are too cute to eat. But as soon as you get near them, the fresh smell of baked love won’t keep them safe! Add cuteness to your Easter celebration with several Easter themed cupcakes like those!

You can buy it from HERE


Easter Pink Bunny Cake



This next cake has raised the roof quite a bit. The Easter Pink Bunny cake is our latest invention, and has directly reserved its spot for the #1 Cutest cake ever award!

Order this cake in vanilla, chocolate, egg free or any way you want it!

Buy it from here HERE

Easter KitKat Nest Cake


Chocolate lovers! Where you at? Take a look at this masterpiece. Chocolate indulged cake crafted with KitKat bars all around it, finishing it up with chocolate eggs on the top!

Buy it from here HERE

Check out our full Easter cakes & treats 

Or if you have something in mind, you can always contact us for customization!