About Us

The story of our success

Celebration is a fleeting moment in time that is often difficult to recreate. The best we can do is to capture that sweet taste, let Mister Baker be a part of your celebrations. Our chefs skilfully balance flavour and texture by incorporating  delicious ingredients. Sponge, mousse or cream, layer by layer we create your centrepiece. We seek to build a relationship with our clients to understand their needs and wants so we can deliver on our promise.

Homegrown and deeply rooted in the UAE’s history our business encompasses more than just a bakery. The last two decades has seen the UAE grow exponentially. From our humble beginnings in 1991, Mister baker has since built upon it’s foundation and expanded across the nation operating 17 outlets across all the 7 Emirati states. We have stood by our values demonstrating that consistent quality and a drive to continuously improve is integral to satisfying our customers. Our products reflect our commitment to quality/creativity and our staff are well equipped to handle the most demanding of requests. It is our pleasure to help create your moment, let Mister Baker be a part of your celebrations.

We are Off now.