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Dhs. 399.00

Celebrate getting back to school with Mister Baker. Good Luck champs! This 2 KG cake serves up to 15 people - perfect for your kid's class.

Dhs. 126.00

Delicious cupcakes that your child can share with their classmates and their teachers! Set of 6 pieces.

Dhs. 399.00

Motivate your kids on their first day! Celebrate your kids going back to school (and the return of your quiet mornings) with our colourful, flavourful Back To School Cake. This cake serves up to 15...

Dhs. 231.00

Customisable cupcake board that is great to share amongst your kid's friends in school. Ten delicious cupcakes arranged on top of fondant covered board so you can add a message or photo at the center!

Dhs. 420.00

Your little ones who had to be away from their friends deserve a celebration too! Get them this Kids Online Learning themed cake to share. This 2 Kg cake serves 15 people.

Dhs. 598.50

Show your child how much you support them as they start to embark on another school year! This cute and colorful cake serves up to 30 people.

Dhs. 535.50

A new year, a new beginning and lots of new opportunities! Are your kids ready for school? Motivate them with our Welcome Back cake that they can share with their classmates.

Dhs. 22.00

Celebrate Back to School with this cool topper!

Dhs. 22.00

Celebrate Back to School with this cool topper!

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