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Dhs. 236.25

NOTE:  toy not included

Dhs. 1,596.00

Anyone can drive a car. it takes someone special to drive a school bus. 8kg Cake Size Serves up to 60-70ppl

Dhs. 535.50

Everyone loves car washes Enjoy our cute White Car wash-themed birthday cake perfect for your little one on their big day. this 3kg cake serves up to 25 people.

Dhs. 598.50

3kg Cake size serves up to 20 – 25ppl.

Dhs. 357.00

For all motorheads and fans of this stylish beast. 2 Kg cake serves 15 ppl. Toy car is not included in the price. You can provide a toy of your choice or speak to our...

Dhs. 1,596.00

This 8kg Cake Size Serves up to 60-70ppl

Dhs. 630.00

For a true car lover, what better than this beautiful cake to celebrate their birthdays. 3 Kg cake serves 25 ppl.

Dhs. 892.50

Wanna surprise your kid with his favorite toy on his birthday? What better than a Hot Wheel themed cake. 5kg cake size Serves up to 35-40 ppl. Toy Cars not included.

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