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Dhs. 139.00

Everybody is sure to love the classic combination of a fluffy chocolate mousse slathered on our timeless chocolate sponge. 1 kg cake serving 8 – 10 People.

Dhs. 139.00

A true delight for chocolate lovers with its crunchy chocolate filling and hazelnut chocolate glazing. Ferrero Rocher chocolate garnishing adds to the elegance and texture. Egg Free option available 1kg cake serves 8-10 people.

Dhs. 157.50

Irresistibly rich creamy heart shaped chocolate cake, is the perfect way to impress your beloved. 1 kg.

Dhs. 119.00

Moist chocolate sponge layered with rich chocolate ganache, decorated with delicate chocolate decorations and fruits. This 1 kg cake serves 8-10 people.

Dhs. 109.00

Indulge yourself in the richness of dark chocolate ganache, layers of moist chocolate sponge cake and the lavishness of truffle. 1 kg cake serving 8 – 10 People. Egg-free option available

Dhs. 139.00

Kit Kat Cake has layers of milk chocolate cream with KitKat crunch at the center of a moist cake. Needless to say, this is a perfect choice for a festive, fun party cake! Egg-free option...

Dhs. 178.50

Layers of moist dark chocolate cake, filled with Oreo cream and topped up with chocolate drip and Oreo biscuits. This Tall Oreo Cake 1.5 kg cake serves up to 12 people!

Dhs. 147.00

Layers of chocolate truffle cake rosette wrap a tasty chocolate treat. This Chocolate Swirl Cake serves up to 10 people. Perfect for any celebration!

Dhs. 315.00

Layers of soft rainbow sponge, layered with chocolate truffle ganache or fresh cream. A cake that’s right for every celebration!

Dhs. 139.00

If you are a fan of rich and decadent Nutella this chocolate cake would surely be your favorite. Layers of moist chocolate sponge, filled with Nutella – as delicious as it is impressive. 1 kg...

Dhs. 129.00

Delight everybody with layers of chocolate sponge filled with chocolate mousse topped off with deliciously crunchy praline that adds a crispy texture to your cake. This 1 kg cake serves 8-10 people.

Dhs. 129.00

Enjoy the combination of pistachio, chocolate and hazelnut flavours with the rich pistachio sponge filled with buttercream and Nutella filling. This Pistachio Nutella cake can be a perfect Birthday cake, Graduation cake, Anniversary cake. 1...

Dhs. 149.00

If you're a chocolate fanatic then this Triple Chocolate Cake is for you. Indulge your cravings and dive into a combination of a rich triple chocolate sponge cake and creamy dark chocolate ganache. 1 kg...

Dhs. 14.00

Our Chocolate Cupcakes are what keep chocolate lover’s awake at night. Moist cake topped with silky chocolate ganache is a tastebud’s dream.

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