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Dhs. 315.00

When Fortnite and Marshmello came together, magic was created. 2kg Cake size Serves up to 15-20ppl.

Dhs. 535.50

Our Fortnite themed Cake is ideal for a fan of this game. The cake made of delicious and moist sponge will surely leave a game enthusiast overwhelmed. This 3 kg cake serves 25 people.

Dhs. 535.50

Celebrate your kid’s Birthday with this Mind Craft theme cake. 3kg Cake size Serves up to 20 -25 ppl.

Dhs. 598.50

Everybody's a winner. Have a slice of our delicious Fortnite Battle Royale cake while you are stuck waiting in the lobby and share it with your friends leaving them assured why the victory royale is...

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